About us

Why Mush:Mush and why do we say it twice?  Well, it started when Mark and Jenn were chatting about mushing in general, but we both said it differently to the other person, so we decided on Mush Mush.  We'll leave it up to you about how to pronounce it.  

The concept of mushing is commonplace in Alaska and Canada where dogs are used to pull people and goods on a sled.  Folklore has it that the 'mush' phrase came about in the days when the French occupied certain parts of Canada and shouted marche (French for 'walk') for the dogs to get going.  This gradually morphed into the English word mush and now we have taken it to a whole new level in order to help South African merchants get going with their online businesses.  

We will set you up on Shopify.  If you already have an online store, we can help you improve it or even manage and maintain the site on your behalf.  We can also guide, train and teach you about how to work on your online business more efficiently.  We are based in East London in the Eastern Cape but can work with you wherever you are, because internet. 

What makes us the perfect partner for you? We've been working in the South African eCommerce industry for nearly 5 years now, in various guises.  First as a Shopify Partner, working very closely with Shopify themselves to help SA merchants get up and running by hosting Shopify Meetups around the country, as well as helping new merchants to run their Shopify stores.  In conjunction with working with Shopify, we worked for uAfrica.com, within their Sales and Marketing team.  We have years of experience in guiding and helping new and existing online business owners and entrepreneurs to realise their dreams and goals.  Going forward we will be concentrating more on building and maintaining Shopify stores and online training and together with our partners, Insaka eCommerce Academy and TDMC, we are working towards building a solid and sustainable community around South Africa where merchants understand how to nurture their online businesses while enjoying doing it.

Have a look at our services on the left for more information about what we offer and if you want to chat, feel free to get in touch

If you're curious about Shopify and what it can do, or you're comfortable with setting it up yourself, head over to Shopify for more info.

Get ready, go!  It's time to Mush:Mush!